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A play in English : Prisoner 46664

lundi 3 février 2020, par QUOIRIN

Nos élèves de la section euro anglais 3e (3e LCE) ont assisté à la représentation d’une pièce de théâtre intégralement en anglais durant 1h30 sur une thématique qu’ils ont travaillé durant tout le mois de janvier : l’Apartheid et son plus fervent détracteur, Nelson Mandela. Ils ont rédigé dès le lendemain une critique littéraire que vous pourrez retrouver ci-dessous.

Les élèves vont sélectionner une ou deux scènes qui seront ajoutées à d’autres que nous avons déjà travaillées sur le thème de la discrimination et qui seront présentées à la fin de l’année lors d’un spectacle en anglais.

We saw the play « Prisoner 46664 : Nelson Mandela » on Thursday the 30th of Januray 2020 at 2 p.m at La Fabrik, in Avignon.

Most of us found the play was « great » or even « awesome ».

Even if one or two students found it a bit long and sometimes hard to understand, most of us thought it was really understandable because the actors had a good accent, spoke slowly, used easy words. There was a screen behind the actors. It helped a lot. We had also studied the theme in class and read a book « Who was Nelson Mandela ? » by Pam Pollack.

There were only a few propos and no setting on the stage but they symbolized apartheid really well (the bench, for example) and it’s great not to have too much props : we can imagine more things.

The story talks about Nelson Mandela, from his childhood to his death. We discover a man who was an activist and who fought for his country, South Africa. He was arrested and put in jail for 27 years on Robben Island because he protested to change Apartheid, the rules in South Africa for black people. Fortunately, he was freed and even became president of South Africa !

We think it’s a must see because it’s moving and we learn a lot about Nelson Mandela.

What we really liked :

Ibrahim : « I really liked the man who played the role of Nelson Mandela. »
Lyna : « I really enjoyed when the woman sang because her voice is just amazing ! I also liked when we asked questions to the actors. »
Manon : « I liked the representation of Donald Trump. »
Imène « My favourite moment was when Nelson became president of South Africa. »
Inès : « I really liked the bench for « europeans only » which is a symbol for Apartheid and the videoprojector which showed real images on the stage. »
Safa : « I liked the dialogue with the actors at the end of the show. »
Anjela : « I really enjoyed when the teacher changed the name of Rolihlahla into Nelson Mandela and when Nelson met Winnie and invited her to eat out, in an Indian restaurant. »
Wissam : « I liked when they sang between the scenes and I loved Winnie. »
Sarah : « I enjoyed when the French host spoke English with a French accent. I also liked the end of the play when Sisulu raised his hands. »

Our favourite scenes were :

Ibrahim : « When Nelson was a kid and came back from school to tell his parents about his new English name »
Lyna : « When his teacher changed his name because the reaction of Mandela’s friend was funny. »
Manon : « When Mandela went out of prison because it’s a victory for the people. »
Sara and Anjela : « When Nelson Mandela met his daughter in jail after many years. It was very moving. »
Safa : « When Winnie visited Nelson in jail. »

You can watch the trailer if you want. Click here.

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